Presented by Judith Dunlore - Estill Mentor and Course Instructor

In the Estill Vocal Training Systems Level I & II Workshop you will learn:

  • The anatomy of your voice
  • How to isolate and control 13 vocal structures that influence your sound
  • How to position and combine these structures to create different voice qualities
  • Four ways to make your voice more powerful
  • How to sing higher more easily
  • How the cricoid cartilage helps you belt with no strain and greater range
  • Three ways to start your sound and how they influence your tone.
  • How the false folds help protect your voice from hoarseness
  • How the adam's apple (thyroid cartilage) can help you make a clearer tone
  • Three things that will make your voice sound deeper and richer
  • How to smooth out your break or “passagio”

Three Steps to a more Powerful Voice; in this workshop you will learn:

  • How to apply effort without vocal strain
  • Muscles that help protect your vocal folds
  • How a sphincter helps your voice project
  • How to connect with these little known muscle groups
  • How to use your torso, neck and head to add power to your sound

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