Vocal Development is the main focus of private voice lessons.
Judith Dunlore, a voice teacher with over 25 years of experience, can help you understand how your voice works, and help you take control with confidence. With the Estill Voice Training System as the basis you will:

  • Increase your range (sing higher and lower)
  • Sing more powerfully without strain on your vocal folds
  • Eliminate breaks in your voice
  • Learn effective breath management
  • Develop versatility in different musical styles
  • Expand the repertoire that you are able to sing
  • Improve your vocal health and endurance

Confidence and Versatility

Enjoy the confidence and versatility that Estill Voice Training can offer you. Click on each photo and listen to Heather Malcom Galvez as she uses her knowledge of Estill Voice Training to perform six different vocal styles.

Audition Preparation

Audition Preparation is an important focus for many singers. Ms. Dunlore can help you:

  • Choose audition material that best suits your voice and shows it to your best advantage
  • Choose suitable songs for the type of audition you are planning
  • Determine the best keys for your songs and provide you with a lead sheet

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